About us

German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine

To serve children and youth and to protect their lawful rights German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine (GPUSU) designs, implements and manages innovative public-private partnership projects aimed to raise living standards in Ukraine to a European level. Since its inception in 2016, GPUSU became one of the first representatives of civil society in protecting the rights of children and young people in Ukraine. The GPUSU supports Ukrainian society in adaptedness of Ukrainian assistance to children and young people to the European standards. Today the organisation implements eight projects in Ukraine, the largest of which is the Centre for Children in Need "Our Kids", successfully operating since 2007 and serving as a model pilot project for other non-governmental organizations, public-private partnership and energy efficiency projects in all countries of the Eastern Partnership.

The German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine is a platform for youth engagement. By advancing problem-solving and responsive youth policies, the GPUSU helps lay the foundations for social and economic progress and stability among young people. It brings together academic researchers, experienced youth program practitioners, policy makers, legislators, NGOs, and facilitates exchanges among them. The mission of GPUSU is both to advise the relevant Ukrainian ministries and other administrative entities and to engage young Ukrainians in a new platform for youth policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. It will allow their broad participation and focus on developing capacities, knowledge and skills through open discussion, communication and exchange.

At GPUSU we believe that young activists should play a crucial role in Ukraine's development!